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Surfadal "Resistant to traffic" - Surface hardeners

he ready-to-use hardener SURFADAL consists of an aggregates mix, a full grading range and cement CPA 55.
The production of
SURFADAL in our factory of URVILLE according to a rigourous process guarantees a perfect constancy of manufacturing, as for all the products of our range.
SURFADAL is specially designed for high-resistance to traffic.


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ode of application

Drained screed: Apply SURFADAL by sprinkling 3 to 5 kg/m² (basic colours) or 5 to 7 kg/m² (light colours) on a fresh levelled erected to zero and first floated concrete
Incorporated screed: Apply a
SURFADAL mix 13 to 15 kg/m² (7 to 8 litres for 2 sacks 25 kg) on fresh levelled –5 to –7 mm and first floated concrete.



  • Visible density: approx. 1.5
  • Coating density: approx 2
  • Compressive resistance on cube of 5 cm edge: > 680 Mpa (600 bar)
  • Wear resistance (Taber test): loss at 1000 rotations: 1.6 gr (CEBTP certifications n°2352.7.011)
  • MOTH Hardness MOTH: 7 to 8.4


SURFADAL can be delivered in natural grey, red, brown, green, ochre, soft grey, dark grey or black or in light colors: off-white, pink beige, soft yellow or green.
Colouring by the incorporation of a hardener applied on a fresh concrete involves colour variations due to the evaporation of water contained in the concrete. A floor treated in this way will attain its final appearance only after some use. The uniformity and brightness of the final colour cannot be compared to those of a paint, resins additions or tiles.
Our maintenance department offer 3 formulas to improve the appearance and ease care:
  • Fine cleaning
  • NCleaning + patining
  • Reactivation
Samples are provided for guidance, but they can in no way be considered to be reference colours binding upon the company LES DURCISSEURS FRANCAIS.


Spray our dust protective resin PULVERSTOP 80 gr/m² to obtain a dust protective surface. PULVERSTOP removes the dehydration of the surface and prevent the cracking while forming a reticular network stopping the milt.

SURFADAL is applied in a buidling a where the surface appearance is important, revitalize and apply a filler to improve the brightness and ease the care.


SURFADAL is incorporated into a screed or concrete slab. These screeds or slabs will be divided by seals: contraction joints, expansion joints, insulating joints, construction joints.These joints must comply with the instructions of the DTU (Technical Institute for practice) or ITBTP (unified code for Building and Public Works) journal applicable to the selected solution.
As written in the DTU 13.3 (chapter 5 page 13) :
"As the cracking of reinforced concrete or not is linked to the kind of material, the aim of the document is to prevent the density and prorogation of cracks without pretending to avoid them".

upplementary treatment

As all our products, SURFADAL can be available in special formula with addition of synthetic fibers, silica or magnetic iron oxide.
Special formulas are recommanded for grouts
"High Performance".


  • Sacks 25 kg
  • Conditioning – Storage: 6 months in the original packaging, dry place


SURFANET C – D – P are three cleaning products available for an efficient and fast cleaning of SURFADAL surfaces with a single-brush or self-washers.

olouring chart

Choice of colours.

"Despite all the care in the manufacturing of our products, a light difference in colour can appear between the colour chart and the performed coating"
Reference : Gris souris
Soft grey
Natural grey
Dark grey
Mouse grey
Light green
Light white
Soft brown
Pastel orange
Sunset yellow
Yellow 960
Light yellow 930
Clear yellow
Red 130

ther products

The information contained in this leaflet is provided for guidance based on our lnowledge. It does not constitute a waiver of our terms and conditions of sale an shall in no event imply any waranty by us or render us liable with regard to the use of our products. For each project, a study should be jointly conducted with us.
The choice of the thickness of SURFADAL to be applied must take into account the quality of substrate, and the required finish and performance.